Romesh Ranganathan

With his support slots having included one for Ricky Gervais, it’s fair to say former maths teacher Romesh Ranganathan has made a significant impact since bursting onto the comedy circuit in 2010.

It’s all a far cry from his previous career in a Crawley classroom. "In the early days, I would be performing to eight people in a pub and my sixth formers would turn up,” Romesh recalls in an interview with Crawley News. “I couldn't help but think, 'Oh God, this isn't going to end well’. It undermined my authority to tell the students off the next day, because it must’ve been hilarious for them to see me die on stage and think, 'I'm just going to heckle him now'!”

Romesh’s latest show, The Cynic’s Mixtape, is a carefully curated selection of all the things he’s found unacceptable since his last tour. These include why trying to save the  environment is a scam, why nobody is truly free, and his suspicion that his wife is using gluten intolerance to avoid sleeping with him. 

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