Hook up your fishnets, tighten your corsets and prepare to ‘do The Time Warp again’ - The Rocky Horror Show’s returning to the Midlands.

Richard O’Brien’s cult production tells the tale of the straight-laced Brad and the deliciously corruptible Janet, who arrive at the castle of the alien transvestite Frank N Furter and witness the birth of the monster, Rocky. Along the way, they take the audience through a selection of love-’em-or-loathe-’em musical numbers, including Sweet Transvestite, Damn It Janet and The Time Warp. 

Great fun’s a guarantee - particularly if you get into the spirit of things and attend the show dressed in your very best stockings and suspenders (as many patrons do)! 

After Time Warp-ing its way around the UK, this international touring version of The Rocky Horror Show - which is being overseen by creator Richard O'Brien - has now stopped off at Birmingham’s Alexandra Theatre and will be showing in the city for the next two weeks.

Entering the Alex, you instantly feel like you’re one of the Rocky Horror ‘family’. It’s a feeling that’s derived not only from the show and the theatre staff but also the audience - a real sense of ‘we’re all in this together and it’s gonna be fun’! No other show makes you feel quite as ‘at home’ as Rocky Horror does - especially if, like me, you don't fit the social norm. It's a night out where strangers you meet at the bar feel like old friends.

Laura Harrison kicked off the production with a performance of Science Fiction-Double Feature that was reminiscent of the original. When the delightful Alison Hammond took to the stage as the narrator, she absolutely stole the show, her bubbly Brummie charm adding a much-appreciated local touch to proceedings.

Duncan James was exceptional in the iconic role of Frank-N-Furter - his performance alone was worth the ticket price - while Ben Adams and Kristian Lavercombe made for the best Brad and Riff Raff I’ve ever seen in Birmingham (and I’ve seen the show quite a few times!). Joanne Clifton as Janet (dammit) also put in a great performance.

The finale saw the entire cast in heels and corsets and got everybody on their feet for rapturously received encores of Time Warp and Sweet Transvestite.

As always The Rocky Horror Show was fantastic, flirty and filthy. A big well done to Richard O'Brien, director Christopher Luscombe and all the team.

Daniel Brown

4 Stars on Tue, 14 May 2019

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