Online sensation Gary Powndland is storming the comedy scene, with tickets to his new ‘family and friends’ show selling like hot cakes. We caught up with the lad from Wolverhampton to find out more...

What was life like for you growing up in Wolverhampton, Gary?

Life was tough. My mom and dad popped out for a loaf when I was younger, which is quite an ordinary thing, but I realised as they were leaving that they were carrying suitcases. Straight away I thought to myself, “How much bread do they think we can eat?” 
My nan took me in after that, and despite the initial heartbreak of my parents abandoning me, I had a lovely childhood.

As a Midlander, what are you proudest of?

Our big hearts and sense of humour. We are the salt of the earth. Whether it's lending each other a cup of sugar or buying someone a pint when they’re going through hard times, we all stick together.

How did you find fame?

One of my videos went viral online after I ranted about Wolves staff, fans and even Mr Sizzle not turning up for an evening game at Molineux. I was disgusted by how fickle our supporters could be after a few bad results. Anyway, it was pointed out to me that Wolves were playing away at Leeds that night. But it was too late - I’d already uploaded the video.

Where does your money come from?

From my nan what died when she died when she fell down the stairs from when I didn't push her. That and the swizz we sell at the live shows. Swizz is slang for merchandise. I used to do personal appearances too, but nobody booked me since I did an appearance at a wedding and got hammered. I ended up being dragged out of a taxi, and the wedding cake smashed to pieces all over the floor.

What do you do in your spare time?

Chill out on Fifa. Walk my foxes. Watch the Wolves. Drink wine. 

What would be your animal of choice to add to your family of foxes? 

I didn't choose the foxes, they chose me. If I could add any animal to my family, it would be the fox cubs’ mother, Trixy. She was tragically killed in a road accident, and the driver fled the scene. We were able to follow the sounds of the van as it sped off, as Mr Whippy had forgotten to turn his ice-cream van music off. We didn't report him to the police as we’re not grassers, but we’ve had free 99s ever since. 

As a fox lover, do you feel any empathy towards chickens?

I feel for all animals, bless them. My foxes don't eat chickens, though, if that's what you’re accusing them of. They eat coco pops. Twice a day, and it costs me a fortune.

Who has the nicest tail - a fox or a squirrel?

I've never really looked at a fox or a squirrel in that way. Yes, it's 2021 and call me old-fashioned, but it's women all the way for me.

Who wears the trousers in the house - you or your sister, Tash?

Tash only wears dresses and I only wear trousers/jeans/joggers. But if there’s any sign of things kicking off or anyone gives me any rubbish, Tash is always there. She's not the boss of me, though, and is very respectful that I took her and Kaylied in after her incident with the gas man.

What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for someone, Gary?

Not to brag but I once saw a little boy’s football roll under a bus. The bus absolutely flattened it. I picked the ball up and threw it over someone's hedge. The boy never knew what became of his ball. He'll never see it again but at least he can still live in hope that one day it will knock the door and say, “We've missed you, son”. 

Who is your ideal woman?

Steve McDonald's missus off Coronation Street in the ’90s. Absolutely unreal.

What’s your favourite meal?

I really like Calpol sandwiches - hear me out. It's like a cake and a sandwich in one. It fills you up plus it brings your temperature down.

What are you most looking forward to, and what makes you most nervous, about introducing your family & friends to Midlands audiences?

I'm looking forward to meeting my fans and having Selfridge photos afterwards. To be honest, I don't get nervous about many things. The nerves help me tell people what a right proper joke it is in this country. I do worry, though, that the venues might want a percentage of the t-shirt sales.

Gary Powndland And Friends will be at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, Thurs 18 November; Palace Theatre, Redditch, Sat 20 November; Birmingham Town Hall, Tues 21 December; Prince of Wales Theatre, Cannock, Sat 15 January; King Hall, Stoke-on-Trent, Sat 29 January; Walsall Arena, Sat 12 March and HMV Empire Coventry, Sat 2 April