As Britain remains locked down, many will be missing popping to their favourite high-street food outlets to pick up a delicious treat. To keep the nation going during this time of culinary deprivation, The Big Bakes has pledged to reveal a new secret recipe each week to help Brits replicate some of the UK’s most iconic high-street snacks at home.

Each video masterclass will offer an easy step-by-step guide for people to follow at home, no matter what their level of experience. Lasting two to three minutes, the home-baking videos will feature day-to-day ingredients and basic kitchen equipment, so everyone (including the kids) will be able to get involved.

In order to take part in these digital baking sessions, all people need to do is visit @Thebig_bakes on Facebook or Instagram.

The Big Bakes was founded in 2017 by Adam Chaudhri and Eloise Frank, who discovered a gap in the market for fun, accessible and affordable baking events. 

This week the Big Bakes' digital co-baking sessions kicked off with Portuguese Tarts (Pastel De Nata). Here's the recipe:

For The Big Bakes Portuguese Tarts (Pastel De Nata)

- 1 whole egg (large)
- 2 egg yolks (large)
- 115g golden caster sugar
- 2 tbsp cornflour
- 400ml full fat (creamy) milk
- 2 tsp vanilla extract
- 1 sheet ready rolled puff pastry
- Optional - tsp cinnamon/nutmeg 

- 12 hole muffin tin 
- Rolling pin
- Saucepan
- Bowl
- Wooden Spoon/Spatula
- Whisk
- Pastry brush
- Tablespoon
- Teaspoon 

1. To prepare for your bake, start by greasing a muffin tin and preheat your oven to 180C 
2. You will make your custard first by putting the egg, yolks, sugar & cornflour into a saucepan. Combine these together by mixing with a wooden spoon and then gradually add the milk until mixture is fully incorporated and smooth in consistency.
3. Now it is time to heat the custard - heat the saucepan on a medium heat and continuously stir until the mixture thickens and comes to the boil.  Take off the heat and stir in vanilla extract - you could also add extra flavouring here such as nutmeg or cinnamon.
4. Now you need to put your custard to one side and leave to cool. Place this in a medium sized bowl and cover with cling film (this will stop a skin from forming on top).
5. Take your ready rolled pastry sheet and divide into two even pieces by cutting it with a knife down the middle. Place the sheets on top of one another.
6. Now you need to roll the pastry tightly into a cylinder shape, starting with the  short side and then cut into 12 evenly sized round pieces.
7. Now dust your work surface or a board with flour and  roll each round piece into a disc (approx. 10cm). Press the pastry discs into the greased muffin tin.
8. Make sure your custard is cool to touch and then spoon the custard evenly into each pastry case.
9. Bake for 20-25mins until golden on top. Make sure you leave to cool in the tin for a few minutes before removing them from the tin. Then leave these to cool a bit longer until you are ready to eat them!