Bearded Theory has been postponed until 10-13 September.

The festival said in a statement: "We are sad to advise that we have postponed the festival until September 10th to 13th 2020. The festival will operate on the same basis i.e. camping, children’s area, stages etc. It is clear the current pandemic will remain in a critical period until the end of June. We have been advised by Central Government and the Safety Advisory Group that it is expected that September should be in a period whereby the country will be back on normal operational terms. We acted quickly in the last 2 weeks to secure the venue, all our suppliers and secured a good majority of our existing line up, including all the Pallet headliners. Equally we have some bands from our existing line up who can perform but we cannot announce them until they have released other cancellations (hence why the flyer has a few gaps) which have not happened yet. We do have all the stages as before but currently One Big Showcase will not be with us due to the current start of the University term.

Full line up details are on our line up page including Maui Waui and Convoy Cabaret."

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