With each passing day we are hearing the terms ‘Fake News’, ‘Alternative Facts’ and ‘Fake Media’, reported, debated and even tweeted and proclaimed by a US President. The intersection between fact and fiction, entertainment and news, truth and conspiracy is getting blurred, leading us to question what kind of reality have we created for ourselves.

With a prophetic vision, Rosie Kay is poised perfectly to premiere her new work, MK ULTRA, a work that has been in the making for over three years with forensic research resulting in a show that could hardly be more timely and prescient.

MK ULTRA is a work about and inspired by pop-culture conspiracy theory about a shadowy elite cult called the Illuminati that control the world, brainwash child actors and singers, and controls mass opinion through puppet performers who brainwash us through their music videos and mass entertainment vehicles. 

Creating a sensational audio-visual world, mixing pop-style, athletic, breath-taking dance and unique documentary footage, Kay has teamed up with film-maker Adam Curtis and fashion world wunderkind Gary Card to explore what’s real, what’s a governmental cover up, what’s a fantasy and asks if we are living in a brainwashed ‘filter bubble’. 

MK ULTRA is not only an exciting new work by one of our leading UK choreographers, it’s an antidote to the oversimplification of our culture leading to polarisation and extremes.

MK ULTRA shows at Birmingham REP from 17-18 March.