Boscobel House was built in about 1632, when John Gifford of Whiteladies converted a timber-framed farmhouse into a hunting lodge. The Gifford family were Roman Catholics, at a time when the religion suffered persecution. Tradition holds that the true purpose of Boscobel was to serve as a secret place for the shelter of Catholics in times of need.  Boscobel remained a working farm and visitors today can see King Charles II's hiding places, the dairy, visit the hens and ducks, play Victorian games in the garden, or walk the two-mile trail to White Ladies Priory.  There is also an education and family room where you can try on armour, draw at the art table, and dress as a cavalier.

Boscobel House,

Offoxey Rd,

Bishops Wood

ST19 9AR

Telephone: 01902 850244