Chetwynd Park is an 18th-century landscape garden with woodland, on the edge of Newport, Shropshire.

The park can trace its history back to 1388, when it lay southeast of Chetwynd Park estate. The country house is now lost, but the medieval deer park survives as an agricultural showground, used for Newport Show and other events. The deer park was probably established early in the 18th century, and elements of the pleasure grounds in the 1860s. The country house was built on the banks of Chetwynd pool, which is a small lake considered to have formed in the same way as nearby Aqualate Mere. 

Animals that live around the pool are shoveler, wigeon and occasionally goosander. As well as the wildfowl, on the pool other birds of interest include all three species of woodpecker, nuthatch, treecreeper, raven, and buzzard.

The deer park is owned by the Newport and District Agricultural Society. As well as being the home of Newport Show, which is held on the second Saturday in July each year, there are a number of other events held there each year. In addition, the society has developed the educational potential of the deer park by building a classroom facility known as The Lodge in 2013 and as a result, many local schools and community groups as well as Harper Adams University visit the deer park for educational purposes.

Chetwynd Park,



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